What is clean beauty? Myth vs fact

Clean beauty isn’t about perfection, but it’s about being environmentally friendly and non-toxic. Here are some facts and myths about the clean beauty movement.

Here are characteristics of clean beauty:

1) Clean beauty products are free of harsh chemicals.

The beauty of clean beauty is how you can use these products without having to worry about them harming your skin or health. Clean beauty products are safe and free of harsh additives and toxins that could irritate your skin or destroy your health.

2) Clean beauty means honest labeling.

Clean beauty companies practice honest labeling and list all ingredients, including fragrances, on the labels. That way you know what you’re getting upfront. There are no unwanted surprises or concerning rashes that spring up out of nowhere.

3) Clean beauty means keeping it simple.

According to an article by The Good Face Project, clean beauty doesn’t contain “mystery ingredients” or “claim to be something that it’s not.” Clean beauty uses natural ingredients and sticks to the basics, kind of like this UpCircle moisturizer with argan oil. And often it has a clean design.

Most important of all, clean beauty is instrumental for a healthy environment, and it’s economical, kind of like making your own homemade face masks with ingredients from your pantry.

clean beauty serum
Skin serum by Jill Burrows at Pexels.com

Myths About Clean Beauty

But there are some myths about clean beauty. Many people assume clean beauty is all natural, but that’s inaccurate. Clean beauty products can contain safe synthetic ingredients. The key word here though is “safe.”

Surprisingly, clean beauty also doesn’t have to be organic or green. Clean beauty is simply safe, toxin-free, and healthy.

See more about clean beauty at The Good Face Project.

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